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Jan 7, 2013 7:00am PST
of the agenda are a water bond, gun control, implementing the new federal healthcare plan and education funding. now, this also means that they can even override a veto of their own democratic governor. republicans said their role will to be hold democrats accountal for their decision. stein berg said they will -- steinberg said they will continue to listen to republican ideas. >> it will be up to the republicans to decide how they want to governp. because in the past, i -- govern. because in the past, i don't think it's unfair to say that they have obstructioned, especially when -- obstructed, especially when it comes to a reasonable balance between living within your means but also having the revenue necessary to fund education necessary. >> reporter: and with this super majority, democrats hope to have a budget passed on time. one thing we asked them about was the repeal of proposition 8 depending upon the decision made by the supreme court and steinberg said he wouldn't pull putting that before voters depending upon what happens with the supreme court. one thing that comes with the super ma
Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
of the 13-year-old thanking hospital staff. the girl was shot while campaigning for girls' education in her home country. she'll continue her rehabilitation at her temporary home in uk. >>> the new film zero dark 30 is getting a lot of praise. but the movie about the killing of osama bin laden continues to draw major criticism. >> i'm not your friend. i'm going break you. >> in the movie there are implications that torture provided information that led to bind bind. but senators finestein and mccain said that is not what the cia told them. protesters said that torture is not justified and they gathered outside the emery theater yesterday. >> to put all of this weight on this movie, i think it is silly. >> some movie critics said that zero dark 30 is a fate of to win an oscar for a best picture. >>> president obama is expected to nominate his defense secretary and cia director next week. former senator john hagle is the front-runner. but he could face opposition in the senate for disparaging comments he made about israel and gays. >>> house minority liter nancy pilosi is under fire -- leader
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
school march with their parents to the board -- marched with their parents to the board of education because they are upset that they want to move gateway middle school to a second building on their campus. parents and students say the school is not big enough to accommodate what would be more than 600 students. >> i'm one of the classes that i did another 6th grade. and we have barely any room now. the hallways are squished. it's very uncomfortable. >> our 8th graders have been ear here since kindergarten and when you include more, that's too much. >> the school district says gateway is currently sharing space and it needs a permanent location. mere meetings with both schools are planned before a final decision is made. >>> 8:24. let's check in with sal. hey, sal, how fast are the cars going -- how fast are the cars going in the south bay. northbound 280, you will see some evidence of this from our live camera network here. northbound. now, in the last few minutes it's improved quite a bit to see a lot of slow traffic here. if you look at the 880 where it turns into 17, that's where
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am PST
proposition 30 and a lot of spending cuts. his budget calling for increased funding to education including $2.7 billion more to k through 12 schools. what's creating controversy is the governor's budget calls for giving more money to school districts that serve low income. he says growing up in compton or richmond is not like growing up in loss gatos or piedmont but others disagree and say the money should go out equally. >>> the cal state university system starts it's online program next week. each campus will focus on different areas, the first will be offered by cal state fullerton. monterey bay is also taking part. it's already taking applications for master's degrees in information technology, instructional science and technology and management. you can sign up or get more information by going to cal state >> just about an hour from right now a campus protest planned by angry students, teachers and staff members at city college of san francisco will begin. they are angry about the administration's response to the crisis that may force the college to close. this week city col
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
v human services, education, ym attorney general, çhousing, transportation, çagriculture a others are staying you ÷úcan se there will be ÷úsome new faces but f%%1%eátáhin the presidq >> httalk about w jac he seems to be ÷úanother controversial pihe obviously the president will u s well. go up to the level ÷úthat the ç former senator of nebraska willv cause in ymhis confirmation hearing. you knew çhim years ago when 8 was working ymfor the speaker o t$house then and jack made ÷ú his way up through the ÷úranks emocratic side, became head f the office of budget and çhas been the white hou(=@chief of ú staff. well regarded. not one to çget in ÷úterms of ç arguments. ure his hearings ÷úwill ç present some differences of opinion çwith what to do ymwit súlconomics questions but i don expect that çone to be çthe focus. kájtrone nominee who getsa ÷ú lot of flack, i'm think ñrthat will be the çformer ÷únebraska senator. >> jack ÷ústill zvgetting flacú is signature. we will be çseeing it on his zv money. >> i don't know how zvbe
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5